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Seminar & Lunch and Learn Topics
All lunch and learns include complimentary lunch for you and your team, a thirty minute presentation followed by Q&A with prizes!

The Power of Your Money - Book Today!

The opportunity cost of every dollar you spend instead of save and invest, equates to thousands and even millions of future dollars. This entry level presentation introduces the basics of budgeting, saving, compounding interest and investing!

Keep Your Investment Income - Book Today!

Too many people are given poor advice. Do you actually need an RRSP? This discussion looks at tax shelter tools, like the RRSP, and gives clarity to where the best areas are for each individual to invest their money, and keep its growth in your pocket!


Alternative Wealth Concepts - Book Today!

We hear about GIC’S, RRSP’s, TFSA’s, and purchasing property in the media. Although these tools can be effective, this discussion looks at some strategies that can both compliment of replace these investment vehicles in a far more effective manner.


Value Investing - Book Today!

This discussion gets right into the education of the time, tested and proven philosophy of value investing. The most disciplined and wealthy investors of our century have made their fortune following these three pillars to investment success.


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